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Welcome to my website. I'm Cassie, a wedding and portrait and events photographer based in South London. I have always been fascinated by photographs, even as a child. Their power to immortalise a unique moment in time forever, to be viewed and enjoyed for years and decades afterwards is magical. And I truly believe that I can do this for you - capturing that moment is what I do best. I would love to create this magic for you to be enjoyed by friends and family for years to come.

I am an artist from a very creative background, and photography is my passion. I predominantly do weddings and family portraits because as a mum myself, there is nothing more satisfying and beautiful to me than capturing the close bonds, humour and joy shared by a loving family - and of course the joy of bringing two new families together in the bonds of marriage. 

As well as weddings, family portraits, head shots, pets and newborn, my varied jobs have included taking images to be used in portfolios, prospectuses and websites and stills from a music video. I have also been commissioned to produce artwork prints of the local area to be displayed. My events jobs have included parties, music venues, bars and family get-togethers. I have worked in settings which have varied hugely to include schools,High Rocks, Sopwell House and even an amphitheatre. I have also been published on the BBC website. Former clients (other than many lovely, happy families!) include Mighty Productions, Miss Kiddy & the Cads, Genki Theatre in Schools, Seduce Bands, Middle Park Primary, Monbelle Primary and Wyborne Primary Schools. I am also really pleased to announce that Cassie Hannah Photography is in partnership with the fantastic La La Piano Bar which is offering unique, complete entertainment packages. 

If you are looking to make your mark as a brand or artist/band, I also specialise in working in specific styles and themes, from vintage, retro look black & white to ethereal or modern. Anything is possible and that look will be unique to you. 

When you book me I make a promise that you will come away with some beautiful images to be treasured forever. I am proud to say I have a 100% satisfaction rate with my clients, and I put that down to to being flexible, making the session a relaxing and enjoyable experience and taking as much time as we need to get those shots. If you would like more information or to make a booking I would love to hear from you! 

Thank you!